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Finding a suitable leads distribution software can be difficult. There are so many systems to choose from and they all appear complicated and difficult to learn. Instant Leads Generator is completely different. It gives you all the tools that you need, yet its easy to use.

You have everything you need to generate, receive, distribute and track leads in every vertical. Its perfect for sales teams and lead businesses.

Since it’s completely web based you can access the system from anywhere including mobile devices. Now its simple for you to make more money from each and every lead!

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Leads Distribution Software

When distributing leads to a large number of recipients you’ve got to be certain that the system you use is fully up to the job.
Whether you need to deliver leads to sales teams or buyers you can trust this remarkable system to ensure that the job gets done instantly and accurately.

Instant Leads Generator enables you to distribute all sorts of leads to exactly the right people, every time.


  1. Accept Leads from Multiple Sources – Websites, Affiliates and Lead Vendors
  2. Deliver Leads Instantly – to Buyers & Sales Teams
  3. Built-in Cherry Picker System – for aged, unsold and unwanted leads
  4. Advanced Filters – leads are delivered automatically to the right person every time
  5. Stunning Reports – see the profitability of every campaign, sales agent, buyer and affiliate
  6. Birds Eye View of Your Entire Business – instantly spot who is losing you money
  7. Know the Quality of Every Lead Source – discover who is sending you junk
  8. Easy to Learn – get up and running quickly