Leads Distribution

Distribute Leads to Buyers and Sales Teams

When you distribute leads to buyers or sales teams you want to be absolutely certain that they will make the most of them by converting as many leads as possible into paying clients. Instant Leads Generator is a lead management system that gives you and your lead recipients all the tools needed to do this.

Also, you won’t need a degree in rocket science as it’s very easy to use

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Leads Distribution on Auto-Pilot

When distributing leads to a large number of recipients you’ve got to be certain that the system you use is fully up to the job.

Whether you need to deliver leads to sales teams or buyers you can trust this remarkable system to ensure that the job gets done instantly and accurately.

Instant Leads Generator enables you to distribute all sorts of leads to exactly the right people, every time.

With full lead tracking and a stunning reporting system you will always know exactly how your business is doing and what problems need to be solved.

Every Vertical & Campaign Type !

You can create campaigns in as many industries and verticals as you wish. With just one system you can generate and distribute leads in such verticals as Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Home Repair, Solar Power, SEO, Telemarketing and Debt to name but a few.

Also, if you prefer you can make only certain types of campaigns available to only certain types of recipients. For example you probably won’t want to make dog grooming leads available to your life insurance agents will you?!

For lead businesses Instant Leads Generator provides everything you need to grow very rapidly. For businesses with a sales team this unique system will become your best friend; ensuring that your sales people convert as many leads as possible into valuable paying customers. You can even sell those leads you don’t need…there is always someone who will appreciate them!

Multiple Distribution Methods

Instant leads Generator allows you to distribute leads in a wide variety of ways.

You can deliver leads live the moment they are generated and have them automatically arrive in the buyer back office. At the same time you can automatically send them an email with the full lead’s details.

Each lead themselves can also be emailed automatically, with a personalized message from the recipient.

Not only that, lead buyers and sales executives can have their leads automatically posted to a third party system; for example their CRM system or even another lead distribution system (great for selling unwanted leads to lead vendors).

You can also allow buyers to bid for leads with the highest bidder always getting their daily quote first.

There is also a full cherry picker system at your disposal, ensuring that you can sell any lead that has not been delivered live (for example if a lead does not match any of the delivery filters set for each recipient). You also have the ability to import leads from a csv file and have them delivered as though they were live or through the cherry picker system.

This is the most comprehensive lead distribution software available today, yet it’s remarkably easy to use and very attractively priced.

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Exact Match Filters

One of the most important features in any lead distribution system is delivery filters. Lead delivery filters can be setup for any campaign and enable you to deliver the right type of lead to the right person, every time.

For example, certain insurance agents may specialize in life insurance cases over the age of 50 years, while other agents may only want cases worth more than $200,00 and that are under 50 years of age. With exact match filters this very easy to setup, making sure that everybody benefits.

With exact match filters you can filter and distribute leads in any way you wish and you have huge flexibility at your fingertips.

Some common examples include filtration by:

Zip codeCounty
Income levelLoan amount

You can setup as many or as few filters as you wish in each campaign.
Also, if you are selling leads you can even price them according to the actual value of the data iteslf!

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